The right anti-age care for your skin

Skin care for every skin need.

In our APOTHECARY DR. SCHELLER natural cosmetics range you will find the perfect anti-age care for your skin. Because, true to the credo of our founder Dr. Hans-Ulrich Scheller 'Sophisticated skin care must be accessible to all', you will find the right care for your skin in our range.

APOTHECARY DR. SCHELLER stands for natural cosmetics that work - modern power ingredients in effective, trustworthy natural cosmetics. All our products are 100% free of silicones, mineral oils, parabens and microplastics. Their compatibility has been dermatologically tested. The certified natural cosmetics are vegan registered, NATRUE certified, climate neutral and made in Germany.


Sensitive, stressed or irritated skin is often recognized by its quick reaction to external stimuli. The skin tends to redness and irritation, is tense, sometimes dry. Our products help you to strengthen your skin, soothe and calm it comprehensively and make it feel supple and soft.


With the right skin care you can support your skin in its regeneration, repair mechanisms and renewal. Our products help you to support your skin in its renewal and restoration.


It is elementary that you protect your skin from external influences to keep it healthy and vital in the long term. The Anti Age natural cosmetics products in our category 'Protection' help you to protect your skin comprehensively.


Our Anti Age facial care in our 'plumping up' category will help you intensively moisturize and revitalize your skin. Lines and wrinkles are plumped up from the inside. The skin regains its elasticity and resilience.


Our anti-age care products in the 'Smoothing' category help you minimize wrinkles and lines and smooth your skin immediately. They also have a plumping effect, provide intensive moisture and thus work for an immediately visibly tightened skin appearance.


The basis for healthy, optimally functioning skin with stable processes is skin moisture. Our Anti Age natural cosmetics from the category 'Moisturizing' provide your skin with intensive moisture - short and long lasting. Lines and wrinkles are plumped up from the inside, moisture is stored in the skin - for plump, plumped-up skin.


You should use a rich facial care if you tend to have dry, flaky skin. Our Anti Age care products from the category 'Rich Care' are rich in oils - nourishing, caring and moisturizing for a supple, well-groomed and relaxed skin feeling.


Our Anti Age natural cosmetics against pigment spots, from the category 'Anti-Pigment Spots', support you and your skin against existing pigment spots and in the prevention of their formation.


Our Anti Age natural cosmetics face care for more 'balance' mattify oily shine and help you to refine your pores. At the same time, valuable, nourishing ingredients care for the drier parts of your skin and thus balance the moisture and lipid level of your skin. For an even, smooth and well cared for skin.


Sallow skin lacks radiance and luminosity. Our Anti Age natural cosmetics for more 'radiance' revitalize your skin and support its renewal - for a refined, even and regenerated complexion.


To bring impure skin into balance, consistent care, tailored to the respective skin type and individual skin is the best approach. Products with natural AHA fruit acid, SOS products with zinc and balancing products can support the path to clearer skin.


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